Secure IT Asset Disposition


Get the Most Return on Your IT Investment

Keeping up with the latest technology doesn’t come cheap. To offset the cost of your new acquisitions, consider selling your old equipment. You will be surprised at the value in your surplus and used assets.

While companies try to reduce costs, equipment vendors continue racing to innovate and sell the newest and brightest technology. Many businesses do invest to stay competitive – which means more and more IT assets are retired faster and faster. We are here to provide the information and services you need to easily and securely navigate these processes. You provide the list, we do all the work, and you receive the rewards. It’s a win-win proposal.

What is SITAD?

Secure IT asset disposition or SITAD for short, is the process of disposing of surplus new and used equipment in a safe and ecologically responsible manner. SITAD represents a growing industry encompassing the safe and secure reuse, recycling or remarketing of tangible IT assets after they reach the end of their lifecycle.

Combined with your ASSET RECOVERY program you can maximize the value of underutilized and end of life assets. We are ITAD provider who helps you Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle your electronic e-waste. You are now able to control and reduce the environmental impact of your e-waste.

Benefits of SITAD

We provide the best value for your surplus and used assets allowing your organization to maximize its budget and save on resources that drive your business forward.

Increase real estate in your warehouse, storage room, or data center

Extra money to fund your next project or purchase

Create a credit account to purchase new equipment

Keep hazardous materials from ending up in landfills.

Our Complete and Comprehensive SITAD Solution

Recycling and data destruction experience

Streamlined documented processes – We do all the work

Secure Shipping Solutions

Complete data destruction and certification services

Eco-friendly recycling for the end of life, non-value equipment

One location or multiple locations – We handle 1 box to full containers

Compliant processes – DoD, HIPAA, SOX, PCI, etc.

Full chain of custody, accounting, and detailed reporting

Donation Services – Designate any charity for the value to be donated to