Who We Are

Keeping corporations and companies safe and secure, whilst enabling them to be legally and ethically responsible for the controlled eradication of stored data, giving them environmental responsibility for their redundant IT equipment.

IT Asset Recovery

A key element to the success of any decommissioning strategy is for you to have a holistic view of the entire hardware life-cycle, as only then can you properly make the decision to reduce, reuse or recycle your old IT.

Data Security Services

Whenever you delete a file on your computer, traces of it are left in places that aren’t always apparent. Clever hackers and legitimate computer specialists can often reconstruct files that you had thought were long gone.


With its strong commitment to the environment, has extensive experience in handling the equipment in the best possible way.

We are now skilled in the collection and treatment of WEEE. We understand when equipment is classed as waste and what controls apply; as a result, we are able to dispose of it in a compliant manner, while diverting as much of it from landfill as possible.

Protecting Your Data is our #1 Priority

Physical Destruction

Magnetic Degaussing

Data Erasure

On-Site Destruction

Help is on the Way

Help Your Company

Help your company by turning an unused asset into cash that can be offered on the spot, or transferred as a credit toward new equipment.

Help The Environment

Help the environment by properly disposing of and recycling old equipment. Equipment that has value will be refurbished and resold.

Help Yourself

Help yourself by reducing your workload and removing unused equipment from your storage spaces and inventory lists.

Expert Support
Our priority when helping you dispose of your assets is to ensure 100% compliance with data protection legislation and responsible recycling of all unwanted materials. Each item is collected by one of our team at a time of your convenience and then removed from the site for destruction. At each step of the journey, data security is ensured through an audit trail, with a destruction certificate issued for each item we recycle.

Trusted Experience
Asset Disposal is an integral part of the life-cycle of an IT inventory. With technology changing so rapidly, many businesses find themselves continually racing to catch up with the latest generations of servers, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and storage devices. Obsolete technology poses a big question: how best to recycle or reuse these assets while safeguarding the data stored on them? Unsurprisingly, for large businesses, managing IT asset disposal takes up a significant amount of staff resources.