Data Center Liquidation

Data Center Liquidation

Data Center Liquidation
and Decommission

Our efficient data center liquidation program provides a simplified way to sell used and surplus data center equipment. If you’re planning on or recently performed a data center migration or consolidation, then you’ve come to the right place!

We Buy Used It Equipment are experts in data center liquidation and specialize in data center infrastructure management (DCIM). We deliver industry-leading SITAD services such as hard drive destruction, magnetic degaussing and network hardware wiping. Simply fill out the short form below or contact us to get started.

Data Center Equipment We Buy

  • Routers and Switches
  • Server Hardware
  • Server Memory
  • VoIP and Telecom
  • Hard Drives and Storage
  • Tape Storage Media
  • Tape Drives and Libraries
  • Other Used IT Equipment

The data center liquidation process with We Buy Used Tape is quick, hassle-free, and always environmentally friendly. With every data center liquidation we’ve managed, our main goal has been to increase your company’s return on investment.

Your used data center equipment can be refurbished and recycled, diminishing the number of harmful toxins and e-waste that end up in our local landfills. Recycling your used data center equipment delivers the profits back to your business by giving a considerable return on your initial IT investment in the form of cash or trade-in credit.

We also handle all logistics during the course of your data center migration or consolidation, ensuring your data is secure from start to finish.

Data Center Liquidation and Cloud Migration

Do you have surplus data center equipment that’s no longer in use? Surprisingly, many businesses that are currently or recently migrated to cloud storage have their used data center assets just sitting to the side taking up valuable space. Don’t chalk up those used assets as a financial loss. Sell them!

We Buy Used Tape’s SITAD and data center liquidation program liquidates surplus and used data center equipment, turning your old IT assets into money to offset migration costs.

Did your organization use magnetic storage media or data tapes as a means of storage and now they just take up room? We’ll buy them! We specialize in buying your used tapes, tape drives, tape libraries, switches, routers and any other server hardware you may have. This equipment holds its value for a long time, allowing you to recuperate a substantial percentage of your investment.

We also purchase a wide range of networking equipment such as routers, switches, servers and VoIP phones. If you’re currently in the data center migration or consolidation process, you can save time and money by using us for your networking asset recovery needs.